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"who cares if they die? it’s only an anime"image

"you can’t be attracted to a cartoon!"image

"aren’t you too old to be watching anime?"image

"All anime is just perverted!"


"You need to get more mature interests"


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Trick or treat?

((Put trick or treat in my ask box and Asuka will respond with what you get))

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How is this possible? …

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ask-asuka said: ” Shinji, You should stop with all the porn posts or you will have to deal with my fist… and we wouldn’t want that would we?”
Try it and see what happens, Red.

“Do really want to risk it?”image

….Asuka, don’t you ever get tired of hurting me?

"I wouldn’t hurt you if you would just stop being such an idiot."

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ask-asuka is my senpai

Are you the one who sent this?

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I-I’m your crush?

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I don’t want him!

Don’t worry, h-he is j-just my room mate.


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Message me a symbol.


▼= My favorite RP blog I follow

♥= My  top tumblr crush

★= How many blogs I run

◇= How many blog I follow

✿= How many blogs follow me

●= My blog’s first URL

♪= My favorite song to listen to while blogging

Ψ= My favorite non-RP blog that I follow

∑= My favorite food to eat while blogging

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I’m Shikinami.

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Hello other me. I’m okay…

but the stupid shinji is getting a party for being THE GOD DAMN HERO AGAIN!  OH SHINJI HE’S ARE MAN IF HE CAN’T STOP THEM NO BODY CAN! i can’t believe they haven’t noticed how awesome I am and how I only let him be the hero this time so he wouldn’t cry. That would’ve been a huge mess.

( Am I really a good eva pilot? I have to win. I have to be the best eva pilot. But … what if nobody needs me anymore?)